October 4, 2023
Who doesn’t have a child to get old, who will come to raise?

Who doesn’t have a child to get old, who will come to raise?

It is believed that many people have heard people say that if you have a baby, you will have a babysitter, and another word is that if you don’t have your own children, who will raise this kind of mentality? Since ancient times, and many people still think like this, but there are still old people who are unable to adapt to their families, and what do you think about this?

Well, we don’t have to answer us, but take a look and give yourself some answers, which will teach your mind quite a bit.

The story is that there was a mother whose husband passed away a long time ago. She worked alone teaching books, raising money to support her family, raising her son until growing up, and the boy was easygoing, obedient to his mother since childhood. He sent him to study in America, after finishing his studies, he stayed there to continue working there, buying a house, marrying, having 1 child, creating a warm and happy family.

Then his mother decided to move to live with children and daughter-in-law and grandchildren in America during the post-retirement age. The end of life was very happy, 3 months before retiring, I hurried to write down all the notes to her son, which told her his wishes with The son said to have children to raise when thinking about the eyes of relatives, friends, just thinking of those pictures that everyone will be jealous of her.

She was happy and then sent it over and waited for a reply from her son, where she tackled the house and tasks, and on the last night before she retired, a letter from her son in the distance arrived. Seeing a check worth 30,000 dollars, she was very surprised because the son never sent her any money.

And then opened a letter that reads

Mom, we talked and decided and came to the conclusion that we are not willing to let my mother come to live with me in America.If she thought she was grateful for raising me, calculated according to the market price, it was about $ 20,000, so I added a little bit. Send me a check for 30,000 dollars. Hopefully, from now on, you won’t write a letter to me again.

After reading the letter, tears were flowing.

She felt like she had to be a widow all her life, and she decided to study Buddhism, after which she realized that she had spent 30,000 dollars to travel the world to see something new. Then she wrote a letter to her son. The letter says

I don’t want my mother to write a letter again, so think this letter is an additional message from the previous one. I received the check and used the money to travel around the world while traveling. The mother felt that I should thank the child. Thank you for allowing you to see many things. Mother has let me see that the relationship in family, friends, lover has no root, can change forever.

If my mother still thought, still stuck, still suffering, I would have passed away from the rejection of the child, causing me to see that people, if there was a fortune, had found the fortunes, because everything was imprecise, causing my mother to learn that Be calm and look at everything positively. Mother has no children and has nothing to worry about, so she can live without it. Poor parents, parents want the best for their children.

But in the end, it was not the best. It was said that a parent’s home was always your child’s home. Your child’s home was never your parent’s home.

Giving birth to children is a job that needs to be done.

Parenting is an obligation, child dependence is a misunderstanding, such a sordid story, but it will not listen, although not all children are like sons in this story who have no heart, but a father. A mother should not think that before having to rely on her children to be honest.

If the child is grateful to you, then you have to take care of yourself. If your child is grateful, if your child is not grateful enough that your parents cannot do anything, the best way is to plan your own self-reliance life from a social perspective. Having children will be able to have a child when it was a desire of the heart, but nowadays, things have changed and this era is not suitable to think of having a child to raise before as well.

Hopefully this will remind many people, setting expectations on your child is not a good thing to do, even if you still like to choose a path for yourself, will your child not want to? If you were expecting a child to raise, then it was wrong and saw him from thinking that he should have the life he chose for himself, while at the same time you can choose to live your own life as well.

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