October 4, 2023
Don’t go to value The person he doesn’t like you

Don’t go to value The person he doesn’t like you

When meeting someone who does not like us, do not pay attention to make life happier.

  1. Maybe not, he doesn’t like you.

But he doesn’t like everyone who is better than him because deep down

He’s not satisfied with himself, so it doesn’t matter

How does he look at you when people don’t like you?

  1. The way he feels good is to look for your flaws.

Because he is not comparable to you at all.

  1. You are a reflection of who he wants to be.

But can’t be, so he just envies you, someone better than you.

He will not have time to look at you just like this, you know that people like this are not worth it.

To pay attention, the more you respond, the more you go in his way.

How to deal with people who “don’t like you”, but we can still be happy.

  1. Show kindness to one another

No matter what, you should be generous with people who are not kind to you, showing kindness does not need to care about that.

Will you be rewarded? What they treat you separately is something that reflects their perspective and behavior.

Most homeless people tend to act less kind to others, and those around them will recognize for themselves what they are like.

  1. Understand

Most of the people who act like this will have problems and refuse to fix it.The reason they don’t like you may be because

They’re not satisfied with who they are, in fact, it’s what they secretly admire in you.When they have a problem with you, understand that it has nothing to do with you.

But it’s their own problem.Stay away from them and think from their point of view instead of feeling counter-intuitive.You may be able to take pity on them instead.

  1. Bless him from the heart really.

Everyone, no matter how high it is, can’t escape criticism, so don’t think too much, just keep calm at them.

And if blessing them, evil words will return to them, or if they bless them, they will not accept them.

That blessing will come back to you.

  1. Ignore it, better put it.

Say anything or do something that they still do not like us all day long because then do not pay attention to it, it is best that we do not pay attention to words.

Or keep it to live our own happy life is better and they will see for themselves that you can’t do anything.

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